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Turn down your thermostat

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Turn down your thermostat

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This is an easy pledge to complete. Turn your thermostat down by just one degree and you'll reduce your carbon emissions by 325kg. You'll also save around £35 on your fuel bill which you can spend on a woolly jumper to keep you warm.

The problem

Heating our homes places a heavy burden on the environment.

According to the Government, energy used in homes is responsible for more than a quarter of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions. And 80% of home energy is used for heating.

Reducing the amount of energy you use to heat your home is one of the biggest ways you can help combat climate change.

What you can do

Insulating your walls and roof, or using an energy-efficient boiler, can help you cut energy use. These measures can require costly initial investment, but you will see the benefits over time. Some local councils offer subsidies to help with these costs.

Turning down your thermostat is a quick and effective way to start making a difference now. And it will save you money immediately.

By turning down the thermostat by just 1oC this winter you'll cut 325kg of carbon dioxide emissions!

Keep it one degree lower than usual, and over the course of a year you could save around £35 in heating costs.

How to do it

Check the timer on your thermostat to make sure that your home is only being heated when you're there.

If you're planning on going away for a few days you can afford to turn the thermostat right down to 13oC without risking frozen pipes, even during very cold periods.

You can also help your radiators work more effectively by placing silver foil behind them. This means they will radiate heat back into the room, rather than heat-up the brickwork.

Invest in a thick duvet and you could slash 10% off your total annual heating bill by lowering the heating by five degrees on winter nights.

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