Think Climate - wash your clothes at 30°C

Think Climate - wash your clothes at 30°C

In April 2007, we became one of the founding partners of 'Together', a campaign that works with the nation's favourite brands to give everybody easy ways to fight climate change.

The campaign partners have launched solutions that make it easier and more affordable to do the practical things that make a real difference. 

One of our first Together campaign solutions was to help our customers to lower their washing temperature to 30°C.

How does that help? Well, lowering your washing temperature to 30°C can save around 40% energy per wash.  In fact, the Energy Saving Trust calculate that if we all moved to washing at 30°C, we’d save enough electricity to light every street lamp in the UK for 10 months!

Some of our customers have been worried that a 30°C wash doesn’t clean as effectively as a 40°C. Independent tests* show there's no significant reduction in performance for everyday loads. You'll find that around 70% of our machine washable clothes can be washed effectively at 30°C, and these items carry 'Think Climate - Wash at 30°C' labels to show you exactly which ones they are.

Many washing powders and liquid detergents are designed to work in low energy 30°C washes, as they dissolve quickly, start to work fast and contain special cleaning ingredients to aid stain removal.  

So as long as you fill the machine properly, use the right amount of detergent, and wash colours and whites separately, washing at    30°C is clean and energy saving – and you’ll be doing your bit to cut carbon emissions, which guarantees a clean conscience, too!

However, remember that really stained or dirty products, (along with items such as underwear and baby clothes), will benefit from a higher temperature wash. 

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* commissioned by M&S and supported by leading detergent manufacturers

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