Our greener factory

Our greener factory

Working with suppliers, like Westbridge Furniture, Marks & Spencer aims to become carbon neutral at every stage of the business cycle. Following a programme of sustainable initiatives the Westbridge Furniture factory is making the manufacturing process greener.

As part of our overall Plan A commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we're looking at every aspect of the way that Marks & Spencer does business.

We've already opened two 'eco-stores' - in Galashiels and Pollok - and have redeveloped our store in Bournemouth to make it more eco-friendly - which have given us valuable experience in greener construction methods.

We're working with our supplier Westbridge Furniture to develop a truly sustainable factory that will aim to be carbon neutral, use renewable energy, make the most of sustainable raw materials and send no waste to landfill from the production process.

From factories to our food, we're putting Plan A into practice

How? Well, these are just some of the initiatives that will be undertaken to make the factory carbon neutral:

  • Using renewable electricity (by June 2008)
  • Reducing energy usage by 20% (by 2009)
  • Replacing all the lighting with a computer-controlled system to maximise efficiency
  • Reminding colleagues to turn appliances off!
  • Installing solar thermal heating and outside lights that are powered by renewable energy generated on-site
  • Running car-share schemes for colleagues
  • Installing hand dryers that run on 80% less electricity

To tackle the waste issue, Westbridge aim to:

  • make sure all packaging can be recycled
  • recycle or reuse materials used in the production operation

Within the actual building, Westbridge will increase their use of sustainable raw materials by:

  • Using wood from sustainable accredited sources
  • Using recycled polyester in cushions
  • Using Fairtrade certified cotton

In addition to this factory, we are also working with our suppliers MAS to open an eco-factory in Sri Lanka, and Brandix to modernise an existing factory. It's a long list, but it's only by thinking of every aspect of a building and the operations that go on inside it, that we can make a difference. From factories to our food, we're putting Plan A into practice - keep checking our website to see the progress we're making.

For ideas on how you can reduce your eco footprint visit our pledge section.

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