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Fresher for longer

Spin the wheel and find out how storing food in its packaging can help save you money and cut down on waste.

Fresher for longer

Cheshire Oaks

The largest store we've ever built and also one of the largest sustainable retail stores in the world. Explore our interactive maps here.

Cheshire Oaks - One of the largest sustainable retail stores in the world

Greener Living shop

You'll find a range of Fairtrade, organic, and recycled products in our Greener Living shop.

Wine bottles

Carbon Trust Award

M&S becomes the first retailer to receive the Carbon Trust Triple Award.

Give clothes a future. Shwop.

We're delighted that Joanna Lumley is supporting our Shwopping campaign to help Oxfam, find out how to get involved here.

Give clothes a future.

Carbon Copy Game

Play our spot-the-difference game to see how M&S has reduced its carbon footprint.

Carbon Copy Game