Be rewarded for recycling your M&S clothes

Our first Shwopped coat is here!

Since we launched our Shwopping campaign in April 2012, you've dropped off nearly 1 million items at stores across the country for us to give to Oxfam. From those items, the clothes that weren't suitable for reselling or reusing have been taken back to fibre form, cleaned and made into new fabric...and now we've created a stylish, limited edition coat using that fabric!

The Shwop Coat is available online and in selected stores, priced at just £89. That's half the price it would have been had we made it from virgin wool. So not only is it easier on the environment, it's easier on your pocket!

Our M&S cotton specialist, Mark Sumner, is delighted: "The Shwop Coat marks a huge step forward for creating a sustainable future for fashion. It's the perfect example of what is possible from Shwopping, and we really hope it will lead to more of our customers shwopping so we can make even more garments made from their old and unwanted clothes."

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Knitwear product reaches end of usefull life and is shwopped at M&S
Products sorted by Oxfam & those that cant be resold in Oxfam stores are sold to the M&S fabric Supplier

Knitwear reduced to fibre form and cleaned

Fibre used to make new yarn and fabric

Yarn and fabric sold to M&S clothing supplier and supplied to M&S as high fashion ladies coat

Knitwear product sold in M&S store

1. Shwopping

You bring the clothes you no longer wear into M&S and drop them in one of our Shwop boxes.

2. Sorting

Oxfam sort through the clothes. Those that can't be resold in their stores are sold to our fabric supplier and sorted by fibre type and colour (so red clothes will be converted into red fibres and so on).

3. Knitwear to Fibre

To make our coat, we need woollen fibres. So cotton and viscose fibres are removed from knitwear, then it's gently pulled apart while submerged in water, to ensure good fibre quality. The resulting small pieces are passed through a carding machine which does the final process of separating the fibres.

4. Fibre to Knitwear

Because of the care we take in the recycling process, the fibres can be processed as new - combed and mixed together then spun into yarn, using a rare traditional mule spinning process. The yarn is woven into fabric, which is then combed and brushed to make it beautifully soft.

5. Manufacturing

The fabric and the recycled yarn are sold to our clothing supplier, who use it to make our shwop coat design.

6. M&S coat

Autograph women's coat made from shwopped garments sold in stores and online.


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