Give clothes a future, Shwop.

We think that old clothes shouldn’t just be thrown out, they should have a future.

That’s why we’re giving all your shwopped clothes to Oxfam to resell online, in their stores or in international markets where there’s demand (for example bras in Africa or warm clothing in Eastern Europe). What they don’t sell will be recycled – high quality material could be made into new fabric, low quality will be used for things like loft insulation or car seat filling.

In the four years since we’ve worked on clothes recycling with Oxfam, we’ve seen over 11 million items donated, worth an estimated £8 million to the charity.

By shwopping, we hope to achieve a dramatic reduction in the number of clothes sent to landfill in the UK – at the moment, it’s around 1 billion per year, which is an average of 16 items per year per person. By collecting as many clothes as we sell – that’s 350 million a year – we want to change the way we all shop forever.

Forget shopping, get shwopping!

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